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The PABX system is the right option for the large companies, organizations and call centers or for the people who are doing business with the majority of the people. In other words, it is the small version of the central switching company of the phone company.

It can be handled very easily by using the single number on different lines; that can control the outgoing as well as incoming calls. It is the best way to connect the outside callers to inside extensions without any hassle or trouble very simply. It is a wonderful modification for satisfying the requirements of the specific business that can be grown by adding new lines in it. We offer telephone systems in Dubai which enable companies to avail a comprehensive range of the business communication system from the leading brands in the world for extending the business.

Salient Features of the PABX System:

The PABX distributors in Dubai offer many unique features as per the current needs. These elegant features make their services better and completely different from others.  It is a system that is a perfect telecommunication option for large organizations for connection. It is the surety of the appropriate communication inside the organization that is offered by the PABX Distributors in Dubai with great efficiency.

It provides the perfect management of the employees by offering the connection among them through remarkable PABX system.

  • It provides the platform of Converged Network that enables the clients for implementing Unified Communication.
  • It is integrated SIP telephony through the providers of the SIP Trunking.
  • The modern IP Extensions are supported by the developed system that is already built-in it.
  • Easy remote access to IP phones, softphones, and remote offices.
  • Integrated with business, network and desktop application.
  • Offering an effective messaging solution.
  • It contains a built-in voice message, a modified walking extension.

We offer to outclass services in the wide area of the U.A.E including all the states Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras-AL-Khaimah, Al-Ain, Umm-UL-Quwain. These are known for their amazing services all over the country.

Office Telephone System Dubai For Your Betterment

It doesn’t matter what kind of communication system you select for your company; nothing will serve you better than an in-house system. For this, you need to get the far most advanced system that comes with reliability and unmatched features. Find out why your business needs an advanced Office Telephone System Dubai for continuous growth.

telephone system dubai uae - PBX PABX Dubai

For companies who are looking to integrate an IP phone system, there is some good news for you, now you can choose between two excellent choices. These options are explained as follows:

  • Asterisk Based Easily Mangable IP PBX Appliance [ Grandstream, Yeastar]
  • Traditional  Proprietary type  IP PBX System [Avaya, Panasonic, NEC ]

These two options will point you only in the right direction. All you need to do is understand the difference. we help you to understand the difference between the best communication systems which will be an ideal fit for your business.  We deal in every type of IP systems from all the leading brands. At Office Telephone System Dubai, we provide you with the right information to make your move for integrating the best VoIP system in your office. We are familiar with the fact that not all businesses have the same needs along. We also appreciate the fact that all the decision you make doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. They just have to good for your business.

Speaking of which, we have already picked the best solutions. All we do is providing you the choice of choosing from them. Whatever you want, an in-house system or cloud-based service, we got everything.

VoIP for Business Phone

The VoIP business systems are reliable and affordable which make them ideal for companies of all size. These systems come with robust features all with quite an affordable price. These use open source software without the need for license fees. This feature allows the brand to offer the customers a few accessible systems. Also of that, this makes the system rich in feature and a bit reliable.

Now you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a feature rich phone. The PBX system provides you with a real tech savvy experience while remaining in your budget. To give you a better idea of what we, following are the benefits of getting a Telephone System Dubai for your business.

Unmatched Reliability: This is not our first Barbeque, and it certainly won’t be our last. We have been around here for a while now, and we have a perfect understanding of how Office Telephone System Dubai works and how you can use them for the betterment of your business. Open source communication collaborates to share resources and make application letter better and better over the passage of time. This fact has become the standard of the VoIP phone system.

Features: The Latest gen of IP phones comes with a broad set of robust features which improves your business communication. While at it, it significantly enhances the productivity of your business. It helps you to collaborate with people without a hitch so you can manage things a bit better.

Freedom of Choice: Making the right choice can be as hard as you can even imagine. No single phone will suffice your need. However, if you use the traditionally based phones, replacing it with a better-advanced option that is affordable reliable can be a tough decision to make.

To help you crack this nut, PABX System Dubai provides you with the option of choosing between the best phones in the market. This feature assures you get right what you have paid. Choose between a wide variety of phones at our website all from only the leading brands where. See our portfolio and learn which phone is better for you.

Affordability: While being the best, VoIP phone systems also prove to be affordable when it comes to your budget. Low cost of telecom systems means you can invest a bit more in other operations of your business.  With open source software, we save development costs. These savings pass along our customers who get the best equipment for their money.

Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems

Saves your Money:  Telephone Systems in Dubai works to lower the cost of your phone bills from traditional phone services. This thing is achieved by providing local and long distance plans for a budget-oriented policy. This fact helps to save a lot from international calls.

Easy to Use: As these need no sophisticated phone system in your business, opening an account and plugging in your device is easier than ever. Now you can turn on and off any features you like without a hitch.

Easy to Upgrade: Now you can use your administration portal to add new numbers, extensions without exerting much effort. Everything is made hassle free with the latest generation business PBX systems.

Can be Used Anywhere: Remote workers and home workers can now connect right up without any complications. With advanced technology at hand, team members can join easy between two business locations without any problem.

Advanced Technology: Following the footsteps of enterprise-grade PBX, our VoIP solutions provides you with all the features and tools you need to expand your business. Yes, we offer you everything from auto attendant to voicemail, call forwarding and whatever you want.